SPSS Categories

The following programs are implemented in SPSS Categories:

  1. MULTIPLE CORRESPONDENCE: multiple correspondence analysis (homogeneity analysis )
  2. OVERALS: nonlinear generalized canonical correlation analysis
  3. CATREG: categorical regression (SPSS 8.0)
  4. CATPCA: nonlinear principal component analysis (SPSS 10.0; PRINCALS in previous versions)
  5. CORRESPONDENCE: correspondence analysis (SPSS 8.0; ANACOR in previous versions)
  6. PROXSCAL: multidimensional scaling (SPSS 10.0.5)
  7. PREFSCAL: multidimensional unfolding

From http://www.spss.com/downloads/Papers.cfm?List=all&Name=all the SPSS White Paper ''Optimal scaling methods for multivariate categorical data analysis" can be downloaded.

For more details on SPSS Categories check the Categories home page at SPSS.

Page last modified on Tuesday, June 05, 2007.